Crypto Currency

Crypto Currency Guide

Introduction to Cryptocurrency

Crypto currency is a digital form of currency that is actually quite straightforward to set up and simple to use. Though it can be daunting at first, it’s really not all that different from using PayPal. Once you’ve successfully made one Crypto currency payment you should find it simple and easy to repeat the process.


There are a number of easy ways to get started buying Crypto currency: The most common way to purchase is from an Exchange, or you can even buy Crypto currency from PayPal.

How does Crypto currency work?

Here is a great video on Crypto currency and how it works.

Where to buy Crypto

Click Here for a long list of Crypto currency sellers, organized by country.

Cryptocurrency Wallets

We reccomend storing your Crypto currencncy on a Software or Hardware Wallet. Software Wallets are great for everyday use and Hardware Wallets are great for long term storage and savings.


Below is a list of recommended wallets:


Software Wallets


Hardware Wallets

How to Send Crypto

Sending a Crypto transfer is as simple as scanning a QR code. When our customer’s checkout we provide a unique crypto payment address and calculate the amount of bitcoin due. On receipt, we will mark your order as processing and prepare it for shipment.


If you need further assistance please reach out to us!

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