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Analytical Standards

An Analytical Standard is a chemical compound with which the purity and concentration are known to be of high purity and quality. These compounds are used as a calibration standard for a given assay test in order to validate analytical methods and results.


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Antiinfective agents

A chemical compound that is used to take action against invading foreign organisms within the body, with the goal of preventing or curing an infection. This is done by inhibiting the spread of the infection, or by killing the infection directly.


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Chemical Reagents

A Chemical Reagent is a generic term used for a chemical substance or compound that is used to cause a chemical reaction. They can also be used as a reference sample to be used against when testing for chemical purity.


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Experimental Chemicals are often newly developed chemicals that have had little to no research conducted on them.


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Ion Channel Modulation

An Ion channel modulator is a chemical compound whose role is to modulate ion channels. These compounds are normally categorized by using a gating mechanism and the ion which they conduct. However, there are cases where the category can overlap as some channels will conduct multiple ion currents or can be gated by multiple mechanisms.


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Organic fatty acid compounds are not water-soluble but can be soluble in organic solvents. The purpose of lipids is mainly to hold energy, signaling, and to act as structural components of cell membranes. Lipid classification includes compounds such as fats and oils.


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Natural Products

A natural product is a substance derived from a living organism such as plants, animals, and microorganisms. As such, this can be any part of the organism, (a leaf or stem of the plant, an organ of an animal), or an extract of a pure substance.


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Ox Stress Reagents

A reagent used to chemically analyze an Oxidative Stress phenomenon. Oxidative Stress is caused by an imbalance between the production and accumulation of oxygen reactive species (ROS) in cells and tissues and the ability of a biological system to detoxify these reactive products.


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Peptides are short-chain compounds ranging between 2-50 amino acids, linked using peptide bonds. A large number of Peptides have been discovered and have been classified based on their use and function. Examples of these classes include vaccine peptides, endocrine peptides, bacterial/antibiotic peptides, and cancer/anticancer peptides.


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Receptor Pharmacology

Receptor Pharmacology is the study of how receptors and API’s/pharmaceuticals interact. Receptors are compounds made of protein, that receive and transduce signals which may be integrated into biological systems. The signals are used as chemical message bearers which will bind to a receptor causing a cellular/tissue response, such as a change in the electrical activity of a cell.


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Small Molecule Activators

Small Molecule Activators are compounds that have the ability to stimulate activity within specific enzymes. Small Molecule Activators can be extremely useful as anti-microbial and anti-cancer agents when treating health issues such as cancer, diabetes, and metabolic disorders.


SMA’s are advantageous due to their potential to act as probes to investigate the physiological effects of selectively increasing the expression of a specific target/enzyme.


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Transporter & Exchanger Modulators

A Transporter Modulator is a compound who’s function is to modulate the re-uptake of a neurotransmitter via their respective transporter. This can include re-uptake inhibitors or re-uptake enhancers.


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