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CMO & CDMO (Contract Manufacturing & Contract Design Manufacturing)

We have exclusive partnerships with factories located in Malaysia, China, and India that specialize in the following chemical production disciplines.

Turnaround Time & Data Reporting

Our standard laboratory turnaround time (TAT) is 7-10 working days. Electronic reports in PDF format will be emailed to your company after the testing results are checked and approved by the laboratory’s HOKLAS signatories.


Work orders received after 12pm will be processed the following day. Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays are not considered as working days.

Reaction Intermediate

A Reaction Intermediate is a molecular entity formed by the preceding chemical reactants. The intermediate are further reacted to produce the final chemical. Reaction intermediates are an integral component within chemical production; they directly affect the production and cost of the final chemical.


With over 10 years within chemical procurement and production, we are able to optimize the production of reaction intermediates to reduce your end cost of the final chemical.


We have a number of intermediates and precursor’s available, additionally, we are able to procure or custom synthesize any reaction intermediates that may be required for your research.

N-1 Intermediates

N-1 Intermediates are refined versions of reactive intermediates that are further down the line of the chemical step production process. Essentially N-1 chemicals are the last building block for producing the end chemical.


Our chemical portfolio includes a variety of N-1 intermediates. In the event that your laboratory is seeking additional N-1 intermediates, we are more than welcome to procure or custom synthesize your needed chemical.

Chemical Processing

We specialize in the chemical processing of APIs. In the event that your company has a semi-finished compound that is in need of further production to its end chemical form, please contact us with your specifics.

Long Chain Compounds

Long Chain Compounds are challenging compounds that take can take more than 15 steps to produce. Our research and development laboratory has experience with the development of chemicals processes of between 15-20 steps.


If you have any questions or would like to make an inquiry regarding our CMO & CDMO services, please contact us.

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