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Welcome to our online COA Database Archieve!

All of our products are independently third party tested by HPLC, NMR, ICP-MS and Concentration for liquid solutions.

* If you are seeking the current HPLC, NMR, ICP-MS and Concentration tests, they are located on the product page of the correcponding chemical.


Click Here or Here for a short video on how to look up your COA.

Once you have finished watching the video, please proceed to Step 3.


Or you can follow the steps below. 


1. Please locate Lot number on your container.


2. Enter the FIRST TWO sections on the Lot Number into the entry field.

The code will either be in the following formats:






3. Click the “Get COA” button to download your COA.

*In the event that you can not locate your COA please email us Here.

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